About CruiseEmail

About CruiseEmail

CruiseEmail is taking our members into the 21st century with outstanding technology and excellent personal service. The CruiseEmail team brings you over 180 years of radio communication experience, in engineering and new designs.

CruiseEmail provides the solution for S.S.B. (single side band) radio communications for email service to boaters both private and commercial with worldwide coverage. An amateur radio license is NOT required although a FCC vessel license is required.

CruiseEmail has 15 operating stations in the U.S.A. with extended service throughout the entire East Coast, in additional stations in Toronto, Canada extending our coverage east to the Azores and south into the Caribbean. Coverage is provided throughout the Gulf of Mexico, Central America, Canal Zone, Baja, Sea of Cortez, and extended service to the South Pacific supported by our station in Australia.

The EU station located in Croatia provides coverage for the EU, north to the Baltic’s, the Mediterranean, extended to the Red Sea and down both sides of Africa.

High gain antennas provide strong signals for transmitting and receiving. Many frequencies are available to provide separate channels for email, voice, attachments and pictures.

Technical assistance is always available on 24/7. CruiseEmail can communicate via voice on the same data communication channel for technical assistance from ship to shore.

In addition to email we offer mail forwarding, free propagation bulletins, current weather condition, updates and offshore surface analysis, and offshore warning bulletins.

CruiseEmail also offers assistance for preparing your ship’s license requirements.

CruiseEmail user-friendly software can easily be downloaded, from our web site

CruiseEmail will be announcing new services soon!.
- Ship to shore telephone
- Vessel remote monitoring system
- GPS position option (your position is appended to your emails or displayed on a map.

CruiseEmail is presently setting up stations, in Uruguay, to cover the Brazil/Argentina sailing area.

We offer Technical engineering support from complete electrical system design for SSB radio, grounding and antenna design and installations.

You can reach us via phone 304-653-4177 or email or direct email to

To review our radio coverage areas and station locations click on our station location page.

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Steps to Get CruiseEmail! (Email Access)

Step 1:

Read the Service Agreement. Complete the Registration Form - Click here. This form is important as it provides CruiseEmail with important information about you and your crew, your boat, and your sailing locations. This often becomes handy when an emergency occurs.

Step 2:

Purchase the one (1) year service. We accept many payment methods. Click here for all payment methods.

Step 3:

Download the computer software. You can download from the "Download CruiseEmail Software" page. Click here

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Money Transfer Methods

CruiseEmail Money Transfer Methods: (Step 2)

After money is received, within 24hrs you can expect to be up and running!

Personal check - Make check payable to "CruiseEmail" and mail to:
Box 95
Hillsboro, WV 24946

Money Orders - Make check payable to "CruiseEmail" and mail to:
Box 95
Hillsboro, WV 24946

Bank Transfers (preferred method) - Contact CruiseEmail for routing instructions

Cashiers Check - Make check payable to "CruiseEmail" and mail to:
Box 95
Hillsboro, WV 24946

PayPal - a small service charge for PayPal payments to cover paypal costs.

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Station Locations and Frequencies

Select a station below for details and frequencies:

Frequences updated: April 23 2020

WGM - Ft Lauderdale FL, 26.34N 080.05W - USA

These radio sites use remote site locations for frequency and space diversity to improve communication reception. The Central Florida location serves also as the SysOp for the entire CruiseEmail international network. It has the ability for voice communications with vessels requesting technical assistance. CruiseEmail also provides a technical engineering service in the Florida area that extends on into the Bahamas This service provides you with installation of your SSB radio along with assistance for Pactor or any TNC terminal equipment and specialized instructions on any SSB radios and e-mail technical assistance.

4439.50 5058.70 6768.00 7327.50 8056.90

WHX - West Virginia, 38.16N 080.16W - USA

CruiseEmail's radio station is presently being re-located to Droop Mountain, WV. This location gives greater range and signal acquisition to vessels in the North Atlantic, especially vessels cruising to Bermuda, Azores and onto the Mediterranean. With the main station located on Droop Mountain, with height close to 4000 feet, located on 28 acres on the highest point on the mountain, towers 6 ½ stories high with large gain antennas. Capabilities with direct interconnect with CruiseEmail radio stations in the Mediterranean. The West Virginia remote site will give coverage to local Bay cruisers, and directivity north to New England. WHX, site also has coverage to vessels cruising the Great North Circle Loop, and into the Great Lakes Area.

This station operates both voice and data communications. This station operates J2B for data and has special frequencies using J3E. Upper sideband ( USB) audio for voice.

This station is now capable of the new Phone Patch system to provide telephone interconnect via VOIP for internet phone conversation.

4417.00 4461.30 5571.60 9180.00 12127.00 16185.00

KDS - Ontario, 43.86N 079.32W - Canada

STAND SURE MARINE: Incorporated in 1999, Stand Sure Marine is owned and by David Anderson, a professional engineer, with more than 40 years of sailing experience and specializes in upgrading and outfitting sail and power boats for long term cruising. Upgrading a vessel for long term cruising begins with a determination of your needs, an assessment of your present electrical, navigation and communications systems, followed by preparation of a new design and installation of the new components. On completion the customer receives a color-coded schematic of the new enhanced systems – a real boon when maintenance is required. Upgrading any boat system is a task that requires careful consideration. It is important that the components selected are right for your boat and that they work well together. As a Marine certified professional engineer with an extensive knowledge of boat systems, David can advise you on how best to upgrade your boat. David is a seasoned sailor with over 40 years of sailing experience. He is a Ham operator (VA3SSE) and teaches Celestial Navigation for Canadian Power and Sail Squadron. Stand Sure Marine is an Official “CruiseEmail” installation facility for the SSB radio’s, offers the SSB “Rope Antenna” and can install all the software for your cruising eMail requirements. Stand Sure Marine will be pleased to help you with your boating needs. For more information please call (416) 409-4089 or visit our website at

System Design and Installation Services: ·

  • Electrical Systems, Batteries, Alternators, Inverters and Chargers
  • Marine Electronics, Navigation Systems, GPS, Radar, Autopilots, NMEA 2000, AIS
  • Communications Systems, VHF, SSB, Sat Phone, E-Mail Communications
  • Nautical & Communications Software
  • Marine Refrigeration

  • Custom Designed Products:
  • Wind Generator and Radar Mounts
  • Solar Panel Mounting Frames
  • Propane Storage - The Holder
  • Custom Arch / David Systems
  • Anchoring - The Claw, Dual Bow Rollers
  • NOTE: We have been installing SSB systems (both Marine and Ham) with E-mail and weather capability since 1999 and satellite telephone systems since 2003.

    4438.10 5015.60 6855.50 8265.10 13683.60

    PYB45 - Sao Paulo, 23.5505° S, 46.6333° W Brazil

    This station is fully functional. More info to come.

    4429 6224 8294 12356 16528 ALT freqs: 4131 6224 8773 12365 16546

    Paraty, 23.2201° S, 44.7205° W - Brazil

    Info on the Brazil station coming soon!

    Waiting for Freqs

    Radio ChannelFrequency (Hz)Call SignsLocations
    1404429.00 PYB45 Brazil
    1204439.50 WGM Florida
    1214417.00 WHX West Virginia
    1235015.60 CFG8525 Ontario
    1245058.70 WGM Florida
    1255571.60 WHX West Virginia
    1416224.00 PYB45 Brazil
    1266768.00 WGM Florida
    1276855.50 CFG8525 Ontario
    1297327.50 WGM Florida
    1428294.00 PYB45 Brazil
    1318056.90 WGM Florida
    1338265.10 CFG8525 Ontario
    1349180.00 WHX West Virginia
    13512127.00 WHX West Virginia
    14312356.00 PYB45 Brazil
    13713683.60 CFG8525 Ontario
    13814886.40 WHX West Virginia
    14416528.00 PYB45 Brazil

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Type in your question below: (ex: proper grounding or what freq should I use)

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    SSB Installation

    SSB Installations:

    If you would like to download this PDF - click here. You must have Adobe Reader to view this file. If you cannot view the file, you may not have a Adobe plugin for your browser, but downloading may work for you.

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    CruiseEmail now uses new developed "CruiseEmail Software" called Commander. This new software will connect to all the CruiseEmail stations.

    The software can be obtained when you sign up for CruiseEmail service and download the software from

    If you need assistance, contact the Research Facility by contacting CruiseEmail by phone 304 618 3185 or e-Mail to "".or

    CruiseEmail will basically support all types of TNC's [Terminal Node Controllers].

    You can register through the web site. This registration form with service agreement must be completed prior to connecting.

    Your e-Mail text subscription service is unlimited and can be used any time and not limited to a 24-hour day.

    Special detail weather information to specific areas, JPG's, and attachments.

    Tune to the assigned frequency and wait for a signal that can be heard from the station that you tuned.

    This signal sounds like a wobble sound. Do not transmit while you hear this signal; as you will interfere with another vessel.

    It is important to KEEP the speaker volume open while your connection is in progress. Operators at the CruiseEmail network control stations may need to get a message to you should there be some distortion on your signal. They are ready to assist you on the same operating frequency.

    The tuning signal will sound like warbling continuous tone lasting about 10 seconds. With your modem in USB mode you should be able to fine tune the radio so that the tuning bar on the modem shows the LEDS at the extreme ends of the LED scale illuminated. When your radio is properly tuned and no one else is transmitting, you may link to the assigned station.

    Once you have completed the registration form, you can now log on to send or receive traffic.

    Contact us today to get your service started!

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    Contact US

    Contact US:

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    Registration: (Step 1)

    The registration form is for CruiseEmail Email Service for vessels using SSB radios

    Please complete as many of the fields as possible, this will assist us in serving your needs better! Vessel name, your name, call sign, and email address are required fields.

    *Vessel Name: ex: Moondance
    *Vessel Call Sign: ex: WGN123
    Vessel MMSI Number:
    Vessel Registration: ex: FL 23422
    Vessel Home Port: ex: Palm Coast
    Vessel Make and Model: (ie Lagoon 380)
    Number of Hulls: ex: 2
    Rig or # of Motors: ex: 2
    Vessel Length: ex: 38
    Owner's Name & Spouce or First Mate: ex: Jess and Cindy Stone
    Owner's street address: ex: 24 Ceascape ave
    Owner's City:
    Owner's State: ex: FL
    Owner's Zip:
    Owner's Country: ex: USA
    Owners Telephone Number: 386 444 4321
    *Owners email: ex:
    Make and Model of SSB Radio: icom
    Make and Model of Terminal Node Controller:
    Antenna Type (ie rope, fixed, etc)
    Please remember, the code is case sensitive! If code is unclear, hit the REFRESH IMAGE text and find one that is easier to understand.

    CAPTCHA ImageRefresh Image
    * Indicates a required field

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    Service Agreement

    Service Agreement:

    CruiseEmail provides a High Frequency Single Sideband service via a Public Coast Stations. This is not an Amateur Radio Service and your vessel FCC registration is required. The service includes continually yearly upgrades and 24/7 service support, unlimited time for sending emails for one year 12 month service.

    The CruiseEmail new non-modem service is $300.00 per year for unlimited transmission emails, and downloads for weather and navigation and sending email via internet services.

    For users using Pactor or TNC modems, service is $300.00 per year and $250.00 for a 6 month cruising limited permit for unlimited emails and data transmissions. Phone patch service is billed separately at a $50.00 deposit. Each phone connect cost is $5.00 for the first 5 minutes and $1.50 per minutes afterwards. This service is half duplex so that the full conversation cannot be monitored.

    Due to HF propagation on HF/SSB caused by the effects of sunspots and HF path probabilities, co-channel interference, modem problems, and the possibility of your radio transceiver being off frequency, along with any acts of "nature", CruiseEmail cannot guarantee reliability and uninterrupted communication. The end user acknowledges that HF/SSB communication with e-mail is an unsecured mode of communication when sending over the airwaves.

    Commencement of service: Service will begin within 1 to 24 hours after all registration and connection processes have been completed along with your payment.

    CruiseEmail reserves the right at any time to withhold and or revoke control of customers service for reasons not limited to poor operational practices, poor equipment technical specification causing interference of the operations of this station or its customers.

    Contact information: or Skype :ghost-rider8411 304 618 3185 or 954-815-8411

    Dr.John Gregory
    CruiseEmail & Rope Antenna
    Research Facility 304 618 3185
    Cell: 954 815 8411
    Skype: ghost-rider8411

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    Articles Written by Dr. John Gregory


    Emails on HF-SSB multiple modems The article deals with over coming some of the issues with sending emails via SSB radios.
    Grounding Issues Grounding is Key to Good Reception.
    HF Radio Installation Procedures A detailed article on HF Radio Installations.
    RF Grounding for Marine Vessels RF Grounding for marine vessels.

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    Download CruiseEmail Software "Commander": (Step 3)

    Download WIn 7/8.1/10 full install version 2.12.0 Download the client Win 7/8.1/10 software - FULL INSTALL!
    Download XP Full Install Only version 2.12.0 Download the client XP software - FULL INSTALL!
    Download Quick Start Guide for 2.0! Download the Quick Start Guide for 2.0!
    Download the PDF Help Guide for 2.11! Download the PDF Help Guide for 2.11!
    Download the MS Word DOC Help Guide for 2.11! Download the MS Word DOC Help Guide for 2.11!

    Additional Downloads

    View PDF CruiseEmail radio hookup
    View PDF CruiseEmail Subscribers Manual

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    Distributors and Service Centers

    Distributors and Service Centers:

    Ocean Currents Marine, Inc.
    2713 Park Drive
    Lantana, FL 33462
    561-337-5660 fax
    CMET/NMEA 2000 Certified, FCC and GMDSS Licensed, Insured
    Over 20 Years Experience in Marine Electronics
    Mauricio Antonio Ferreira
    Rua Verana,90- Varzea de Baixo - 04730-010
    Sao Paulo - SP
    (11) 5641-0830 (11)99144-2816

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